MagicJack Phone Number

MagicJack Phone Number:

MagicJack is a kind of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) provider that was invented in the year 2007. In general, it provides the services almost similar to that of your home but without any actual phone connection line. MagicJack uses the internet connection for allowing you to make calls on this device. The best part of this device is that you can get customer support service on phone. So, find out their phone number and contact them in order to fix any kind of MagicJack related.

Now, let’s see, how it works?

Plug MagicJack into your computer’s USB port and take the maximum benefit of your internet connection. The jack on the other side of the device allows you to plug in your phone and enjoy calling. But there was a drawback of original MagicJack that one needs to keep his computer on all day and all night because you may receive calls at anytime. In the year 2011, the company introduced Magicjack plus that can be plugged into your computer but also needs an Ethernet connection so that it can be plugged into your cable modem or router which means you don’t need to leave your computer on.

MagicJack Plus Customer Support Number : +1800-296-0083

In MagicJack plus, the voice quality was also improved. In 2014, it met another change and a smaller and improved version of the MagicJack Plus was introduced. Now, if search for purchasing MagicJack device, you’ll get MagicJack go. It is an improved version with some advanced features. So, having an MagicJack at your home can give you an ease and comfort in making phone calls to your dear ones without any network issue.

MagicJack Customer Service Number:

While, landlines can cost a heavy amount for just normal calling service; taking this into account, many VoIP companies are providing a better and cost-effective alternative to landlines. MagicJack is one of the foremost runner in this sector and in terms of price, it is a cost-effective, portable and a better service provider globally and Fix by MagicJack customer service number.


Grab your MagicJack now for not only increasing your connection but also to enjoy talking more.